August Star Trek Birthdays (continued)

We’d like to wish Happy Birthday to the people responsible for our favorite characters and franchises, and to acknowledge the birthdays of those who are no longer with us on this plane of existence.

August 16th – 31st

AUG 16
Max Kleven (TOS), Julie Newmar (TOS), Josh Clark (TNG/VOY), Andy Milder (VOY/ENT)

AUG 17
Oliver Crawford (TOS), Julianna McCarthy (DS9), Harve Bennett (ST), Glenn Corbett (TOS), Michael Canavan (ST), Bill Blair (ST), Kate McNeil (ENT), Angela Dohrmann (VOY), Andrew Koenig (DS9), Dominic Rambaran (VOY)

AUG 18
Laura Wood (TOS), Don Keefer (TOS), Vince Deadrick (TOS/ENT), Budd Albright (TOS), Judyann Elder (TNG), John Debney (TNG/DS9), Reg E. Cathey (TNG), Christian Slater (TUC), Jeremy Wheaton (TNG)

AUG 19
Gene Roddenberry (ST), William Marshall (TOS), Diana Muldaur (TOS/TNG), Jonathan Frakes (ST), Daniel Betances (VOY), Wyatt Gray (ST09)

AUG 20
William O’Connell (TOS), Eddie Paskey (TOS), Richard Ryder (DS(), Ray Wise (TNG/VOY), Patrick Kilpatrick (DS9/VOY), Don Stark (DS9/FCT), Breon Gorman (INS), Geoffrey Blake (DS9)

AUG 21
Clarence Williams III (DS9), Callan White (TNG), Kim Cattrall (TUC), Caryn Mower (STID), Jesse James Rutherford (ENT)

AUG 22
Oliver McGowan (TOS), Lois Hall (TNG), Mark Bramhall (TNG), Joey Aresco (TNG), Brian Sterling (TNG), Ryan Honey (ENT)

AUG 23
Robert Fletcher (ST), Lorine Mendell (TNG), Norman Kent (TFF)

AUG 24
W. Morgan Sheppard (ST), Tony Amendola (VOY), Castulo Guerra (TNG), Charles Rocket (VOY), Jennifer Lien (VOY)

AUG 25
John M. Dwyer (TOS), Graham Jarvis (TNG/DS9), John Savage (VOY), Marc Scott Zicree (ST), Doug Wax (NEM/ENT), Thomas Wood (DS9), Tiffany Taubman (VOY)

AUG 26
Georgia Schmidt (TOS), Brett Cullen (DS9), Chris Pine (ST), Nazneen Contractor (STID)

AUG 27
Leo Penn (TOS), Janet MacLachlan (TOS), Christopher J. Marcinko (DS9), Bobbi Sue Luther (ENT)

AUG 28
Ken Jenkins (TNG), David Soul (TOS), Chuck Powers (WOK), Jim Fitzpatrick (ENT), Brian Thompson (ST), Nick E. Tarabay (STID), Madison Eginton (GEN)

AUG 29
Ellen Geer (TNG), Jon Povill (TMP/TNG), Deborah Van Valkenburgh (DS9), Jeff Austin (DS9/VOY), Lycia Naff (TNG), Eric Ritter (VOY), Chase Hoyt (ENT)

AUG 30
Harvey Hart (TOS), Arnold Lessing (TOS), Christopher Collins (TNG/DS9)

AUG 31
Eve Smith (TVH), Noble Willingham (TNG), Marlys Burdette (TOS), Anthony Call (TOS), Larry Hankin (TNG/VOY), Dawn Roddenberry (TOS), Leslie Shatner (TOS), John Eric Bentley (DS9), Dianna Faulkner (RNT), Will Yazzie (TNG)

Click here to see part one of our Star Trek Birthdays List posted earlier this month. Both lists are by no means exhaustive and there are many more who are deserving of recognition. If we are missing someone who should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.

(Note: The standard Star Trek abbreviations are used to denote the series in which each individual is featured. In cases where there are three or more, an “ST” is used to represent general Star Trek purposes.)

by Risa Suraya

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