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August Star Trek Birthdays

We’d like to wish Happy Birthday to the people responsible for our favorite characters and franchises, and to acknowledge the birthdays of those who are no longer with us on this plane of existence.

August 1st – 15th

Paul Lambert (TNG), Randall Bosley (VOY), Dana Sparks (TNG), Melanie Shatner (TFF)

Nehemiah Persoff (TNG), Theo Marcuse (TOS), Richard Fancy (TNG), Susan Denberg (TOS), Joanna Cassidy (ENT), Anthony Crivello (VOY), Leslie Ackerman (DS9)

James Komack (TOS), Steven Berkoff (DS9), Monica Peterson (VOY), Phil Rubenstein (TVH), Kevin Sullivan (WOK), Molly Hagan (DS9), Brigid Brannagh (ENT)

Barbara Townsend (TNG), Paul Schneider (TOS), William Frankfather (DS9), Clay Drayton (ENT), Daniel Dae Kim (VOY/ENT), Robert Alonzo (ST09), Mike Fujimoto (VOY)

Carl Saxe (TOS), Parley Baer (VOY), David Brian (TOS), Kathleen Sky (TMP), Clayton Rohner (TNG), Dianne Zanuck (TNG), Wade Felker (TNG)

Lucille Ball (TOS), Lilyan Chauvin (DS9), Louise Sorel (TOS), Ray Buktenica (DS9), Frank Kopyc (DS9), Catherine Hicks (TVH), Valerie Wildman (VOY), Michael Okuda (ST), Leland Orser (ST), Michelle Yeoh (DSC), Drew Howerton (ENT)

Steve Ihnat (TOS), William Lithgow (TNG), John Glover (DS9), Holmes Osborne (ENT), Shannon Cochran (TNG/DS9), Heather Kadin (DSC), Kasia Kowalczyk (STID), Cirroc Lofton (DS9)

Reginald Lal Singh (TOS), Arthur Morton (ST), Adam Roarke (TOS), Brooke Bundy (TNG), Keith Carradine (ENT), Don Most (VOY), Lynn Salvatori (ST), Branscombe Richmond (SFS), Jason Kaufman (ST)

Al Francis (TOS), Ron Gans (TNG), Amanda McBroom (TNG), Adam Nimoy (TNG), Jay M. Leggett (VOY), Eric Bana (ST09), Ryan Bollman (VOY) Liz Vassey (TNG), Noel Manzano (ENT), Tyson Weihe (ENT)

AUG 10
Jeff Corey (TOS), Hubie Kerns, Sr. (TOS), Vincent McEveety (TOS), Carlos Palomino (VOY), Daniel Hugh Kelly (INS), Richard Cansino (TNG), Sean Blakemore (STID)

AUG 11
Charles Cooper (TFF), Laurel Goodwin (TOS), Jordan Monheim (VOY), Lawrence Monoson (ST), Chris Hemsworth (ST09), Robin Ritter (TNG)

AUG 12
Jane Wyatt (TOS), Stephen Brooks (TOS), Lezlie Dalton (TOS), Jim Beaver (ENT), Ronald Guttman (VOY), Bruce Greenwood (STID)

AUG 13
Willard Sage (TOS), Jane Webb (TAS), Kevin Tighe (VOY), Patricia McNulty (TOS), Jane Carr (ENT), Candace Crump (TNG), Kathryn Graf (DS9), Craig Cady (VOY), Crystal Allen (ENT)

AUG 14
George Sawaya (TOS), Fran Bennett (TNG) Jim Goodwin (TOS), Lou Wagner (DS9), James Horner (ST), Brannon Braga (ST)

AUG 15
Georgann Johnson (TNG), Bjo Trimble (ST), Miko Mayama (TOS), Barbara Bouchet (TOS), Bob Morrisey (ENT)

Part two of our Star Trek Birthdays List will be posted later this month. Both lists are by no means exhaustive and there are many more who are deserving of recognition. If we are missing someone who should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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