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Dan Deevy joined us live on-air Saturday, June 13 to discuss the #WeWantWorf campaign supporting Michael Dorn‘s efforts to bring Star Trek back to TV with Star Trek: Captain Worf.

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As many fans are aware, in 2012 Michael Dorn proposed to CBS a new Star Trek series featuring his popular and iconic character: Star Trek: Captain Worf. Since then fans and celebrities have voiced support for his proposed series, and Dorn has met with CBS to pitch the show; but so far the studio has yet to approve the project – but they have not said “No.”

In an interview with Michael Dorn conducted by Dan Deevy of The Cinema Source it was suggested the answer to persuading CBS executives to move forward with the project is…
mini-muffins. Everyone loves mini-muffins.

To send a message to the studio, the goal is to send 100,000 mini-muffins to CBS offices by the end of June with a note saying “We Want Worf.” The mini-muffins will then be donated to local food banks in the Los Angeles area.

The Cinema Source has released video interviews featuring Michael Dorn and Star Trek celebrities every Monday through Thursday throughout May and June, following up on the previous videos in the Star Trek: Captain Worf series of videos.

Be sure to share the #WeWantWorf campaign on your favorite social media platforms.


To order mini-muffins for the #WeWantWorf campaign, visit Sweet E’s Bake Shop.
(Order before the June 30, 2015 deadline. Muffins will be delivered to CBS on July 1, 2015.)

To order a #WeWantWorf T-shirt, visit

Campaign Main Page:
(From the Facebook page, click the “Sign Up” link near the top to access the muffin ordering page.)


Reminder: The #WeWantWorf campaign is an independent fan campaign and is not affiliated with Michael Dorn or the Star Trek: Captain Worf project. None of the proceeds from the mini-muffins or the T-shirts will go to Michael Dorn or the Star Trek: Captain Worf project.

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