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In August 2014, a petition was established to include Captain William Riker’s ship, the USS Titan, in Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection.

During USS Titan Schematic View an interview with The Trek Collective, The Official Starships Collection’s manager, Ben Robinson stated, “If more than 5,000 people sign up solemnly promising to buy a Titan or an Enterprise-F, we’ll almost certainly do it. If anyone wants to make that happen then feel free – it’s a serious offer.”

Since that time, the petition has collected over 3,000 signatures from Trek fans interested in purchasing a hand-painted, die-cast model of the USS Titan. Just under 2,000 signatures are needed to reach the goal and bring the USS Titan into reality as part of the Official Starships Collection.

This is a unique opportunity for fans to influence the merchandise of the franchise we love, and for that merchandise to reflect a fan’s contribution to the franchise.


In 2005, Pocketbooks launched the Star Trek: Titan novel series, based on Captain Riker’s ship which was established in the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis. As part of the launch of the series, Pocketbooks also announced a competition for fans to design the Luna-class USS Titan starship. The winning design would become the USS Titan and be used in the cover art for the novels. The competition’s judges selected the design submitted by artist Sean Tourangeau (pictured above). The Luna-class design debuted on the cover of the Star Trek: Titan novel Sword of Damocles and was featured in a fold-out schematic in that novel. The design was featured on several subsequent novel covers.

Since Star Trek Online Luna Class then, the USS Titan and Luna-class starship has been featured in Star Trek Magazine, IDW Comics’s Hive series, and as a playable ship in Star Trek Online.

Ben Robinson said initially for a ship to be included “it has to have appeared in a live action TV series or movie.” Then he opened up the possibility of “non-canon” ships such as the Luna-class USS Titan and others to be included as special ships outside the main run of the series.

Support this mission and join the petition to include a ship designed by a fan for a novel series to the Official Starship Collection. Navigate to and add your name and email to include Captain Riker’s USS Titan. Note: This petition is not just to say you think it would be cool and should happen; signing this petition tells them you are interested and intend to purchase the USS Titan.


The Official Starships Collection is a series of highly detailed, hand-painted, die-cast metal scale models of the iconic Star Trek starships. After the initial purchase of the first ship, which begins the subscription, two models will be delivered every month. Each model includes a special magazine dedicated to that starship with images, schematics, and information.

High definition, interactive images of the starship models can be viewed on the gallery page.


In addition to the Luna-class USS Titan starship, there is also a petition to include the Odyssey-class USS Enterprise-F, designed by Adam Ihle for Star Trek Online’s “Design the Next Enterprise” competition.

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