Happy Holidays From Trek Radio

In this year of Covid, it’s plain to see

The holidays are not what they used to be

Shutdowns, masks, and distance to fight this virus

Not to be taken lightly by anyone among us

Do not worry, do not fret.  

We will get through this all will bet

Some are taking this in stride

Asking Santa for lots of Tide

Lysol, Sanitizer and Bleach on his list

Bringing it gladly not twisting his wrist

With all these challenges do not fear

The end of the struggle will soon be here

Now as far as giving your ear some joy

Trek Radio is your favorite toy

Risa is the glue that keeps us together

Hick reads the news one way or another

Mighty helps us create content of power

Atomos leads a crew from the Watchtower

Kam’s show will keep you woke

Dr. J’s jokes might make you choke

Deyvid teaches us a little Klingon

Dubcheezy’s music will make you hold on

Blind shows music has no eyes

Suzanna hosts a party up in the skies

Trek Radio Staff and Family

Wish You All Lots Of Cheer

A Happy Safe Holiday Season


A Healthy New Year

by Tia "Blindbat" Jenkins

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