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In 2017, Trek Radio was on site for the announcement at San Diego Comic-Con and again at Star Trek Las Vegas, and now we are here to support the debut of a new Roddenberry Podcast that every Trek fan will want to listen to and talk about. Going where no Star Trek podcast has gone before, “The Trek Files” is a weekly deep dive into the mostly unseen archives of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry hosted by Trekland’s resident “trekspert”, Dr. Trek Larry Nemecek.

On each 15-minute episode, Nemecek will be joined by a guest to examine a specially selected “document of the week,” recalling its original context as well as its relevance for today’s Trek and the world at large.

After Gene Roddenberry passed away in 1991, many of his papers were donated to his namesake archive collection at UCLA, but The Trek Files will look at documents even apart from those. In addition to the discussion of the documents on the podcast, listeners will be able to view scans of the document in question as well at the program’s hub on

Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod Roddenberry, Executive Producer on the new podcast, EP on Star Trek: Discovery from CBS All Access, and family overseer of his father’s legacy, said the following:

“Even with all the Star Trek “archiving” going on now, there are so many papers and memos in my dad’s archives that still have not seen the light of day. I’m so excited to get into these plans, notes, and letters from him and those he worked with and share them now for all to see. And who better to lead this look at these people and their times in the right context than “Dr. Trek,” Larry Nemecek?”

Larry Nemecek commented:

“When Rod approached me with this concept— to boldly go into Gene’s mind where no archivist had gone before – I was honored, yes, but really just downright thrilled. We’re only just now going through some of these folders and finding things that no one has been privy to. To be getting into the nitty-gritty of not just the 1960s papers, but bringing a sharp focus to what we’ve only known as fuzzy facts: reactions, and paths not taken, and even “creative differences,” from the would-be “first movie” ideas of the 70s, the path through the 1980s movies and then the TV revival with The Next Generation.

“We’ve already found one memo that knocked me out of my chair. I had no idea anything like it even existed. We have another that speaks directly to the initial theme of Discovery, verbatim, 40 years later. But for each episode, the idea was to select a document and focus on shedding light on these newly-found comments that have affected every Trek incarnation since, long after Gene’s passing. I can’t wait to share them with the world.”

Some of the guests appearing on the first round of episodes include: John Champion, series co-producer and co-host of the network’s flagship Mission Log podcast; Dave Rossi, associate producer on Enterprise and the original Star Trek Remastered project, and a longtime assistant to former Star Trek Executive Producer Rick Berman; and Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, legendary story editor for The Original Series, story editor/associate producer for The Animated Series, TNG associate producer and writer of its pilot episode—and creator of so much original Spock/Vulcan background.

The Trek Files podcast debuts on January 23, 2018. For links to The Trek Files, as well as other Roddenberry podcasts, go to

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