Star Trek vs Star Wars at Grizzlies Baseball Game

Two galaxies, or fandoms, collided on Saturday, June 17th during the Fresno Grizzlies baseball game in Fresno, California. The Chukchansi Park stadium hosted the fan-favorite Star Wars Night, featuring the local South Valley Squad of the 501st Legion‘s Central California Garrison and the the Mandalorian Mercs‘s Wolves of Mandalore.

At the end of the fourth inning, the Away Team from the USS Saroyan of the 1701st Fleet beamed into the stadium to the surprise of many in attendance.

Photo by Gwen Zambrana Hawkins

A tense stand-off ensued with rival fandoms facing off. The only solution to this potentially disastrous situation:

a Star Trek vs. Star Wars Dance Off

In the end peace was maintained and it was a night of fun for everyone, as the Fresno Grizzlies graciously invited the 1701st Fleet to participate in the special event. Star Wars Night, presented by Card City, featured local members of the 501st Legion and Mandalorian Mercs, Star Wars music, photo ops, and “Bad Guys Doing Good” with the “Force For The Cure” as proceeds from tickets purchased online were donated to Susan G. Komen Central Valley, to aid breast cancer research. Taking the field before the game were several courageous women fighting and surviving breast cancer.

The surprise Dance Off has gone viral as several websites have picked up the story.

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