Star Trek Timelines Interview with Erin Prince

by David Holquinn

Star Trek Timelines Anniversary
In celebration of the first anniversary of Star Trek Timelines, we recently had the privilege to chat with Erin Prince, Product Owner of Disruptor Beam and Senior Producer of Star Trek Timelines.

We discussed the special activities and player rewards related to the anniversary event, as well as recent and upcoming content updates that will provide players with more of the content with which they are already familiar as well as some new ways to play the game and interact with other players.

A recent addition which is sure to make many players more merry than Worf is the ability to play Star Trek Timelines through Facebook while maintaining your existing account so you can play seamlessly between platforms and retain your progress.

Listen to the interview below, and be sure to download the game on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store then connect to Facebook, and engage with Disruptor Beam on the official forums and via social media.

by Deyvid

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