Star Trek Timelines at STLV 2015

John de Lancie joins Star Trek Timelines

John de Lancie joins Star Trek Timelines reprising his role as omnipotent Q. John will also appear on-stage for the Timelines panel at Creation‘s Star Trek Las Vegas convention.

The upcoming mobile online game will feature Q in the storyline wherein a temporal anomaly has fractured the timeline enabling the player to assemble a dream team crew of iconic characters from every Star Trek series, including multiple variations of those characters.

John recently visited the Disruptor Beam offices to consult on the story as well as to record voice-over dialogue for the game. Watch the announcement video below which shows he still has the power of the Continuum.

The Boston-based Timelines team will trek to Las Vegas for #STLV where they will present the game in a panel Sunday, August 8, and John de Lancie will join the team on stage to discuss his contribution. Fans in attendance will enjoy the opportunity to play a preview demo of the game at the Star Trek Timelines booth in the vendor’s room.

Star Trek Timelines playable demo at STLV

The Timelines team has recently announced several characters appearing in the game and unveiled the in-game artwork and additional info for those characters, including classic TOS Captain James T. Kirk, Klingon Commander Kruge, and three versions of Captain Kathryn Janeway.

Beam over to the official Star Trek Timelines website for more information about the game, Like the Timelines Facebook page, and follow @STTimelines on Twitter.

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