Star Trek Shadows of Tyranny

An all-new Star Trek audio fiction is launching and will debut simultaneously on Trek Radio and Western Newfoundland’s Bay of Islands Radio.

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny will start their story right after the ending of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode Mirror, Mirror. The goatee’ed Mirror Mr. Spock, influenced by the conversation with the Prime Universe’s Captain Kirk, sets out to rid the galaxy of the Terran Empire and install himself in a position of power to change things for the better. Mirror Captain Kirk sees his first officer as a threat to his supremacy and vows to eliminate him.

From Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny the creator of the Star Trek: The Continuing Mission audio fiction, the six-part series Shadows of Tyranny will feature an all-star cast of voice talent from several Star Trek audio fictions and other projects: Scott Martineck (Captain James T. Kirk), Micheal J. Pollak (Mr. Spock), Larry Phelan (Dr. Leonard McCoy), Tom Antonellis (Montgomery Scott), Samuel Gillis (Hikaru Sulu), Ben Whisman (Pavel Chekov), Bobbi Owens (Nyota Uhura), and Adrianne Grady (Sgt. Saavik).

Co-creators and Executive Producers Mathieu Blondin (Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, Star Trek: Excelsior) and Sebastian Prooth (Star Trek: The Continuing Mission) lead the crew of talented writers and artists to bring this bold adventure to life. Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny is a production of Melting Clock Productions.

The first episode, Revolutionaries, will debut on Trek Radio on Sunday, April 5, at 2:30pm PT, 5:30pm ET, 9:30pm UTC. The episodes will also be available for download at the official website,

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