Star Trek Actor Kevin Conway Passes Away at 77

Trek Radio is deeply saddened to lean that actor Kevin Conway has passed away at the age of 77. Conway was known for starring in Civil War drama Gettysburg and guest-starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Conway’s publicist announced he died Wednesday of a heart attack.

Conway was born in New York City on May 29, 1942 and trained at HB Studio in New York City. He appeared in many off-Broadway shows, including One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Elephant Man.

Conway Career Spanned Over 50 Years

Conway also starred in many shows on Broadway, including IndiansMoonchildren, and as George Milton in Of Mice and Men. He was also nominated for the Desk Drama Award for Outstanding Director of a Play for the production of Mecca.

His career would go onto films and television, first starting with his performance of Roland Weary in the film Slaughterhouse Five. He later starred in the 2000 Civil War drama Gettysburg and football classic Invincible.

Conway also starred in the Kevin Costner film Thirteen Days, as General Curtis LeMay.

Conway’s television career spanned multiple genres and series. Among other shows, Conway voiced Control Voice for the series The Outer Limits. Conway also starred in dramas The Good WifeLaw & Order: Criminal Intent, and HBO’s Oz.

Most will likely know Conway from his guest role on Star Trek: The Next Generation as the clone of legendary Klingon figure Kahless. Kahless was a character from the original Star Trek, and in the episode “Rightful Heir” an attempt is made to use a clone Kahless back into the power of the Klingon Empire. Conway also Narrated the audiobooks of the novels Kahless and Ship of the Line


In 1990, Conway directed the film The Sun and The Moon.

Conway’s recent work has been in voice-over as the narrator for the television series Unmasked and Who Killed Jane Doe?. Conway was set to voice Daniel Webster in a documentary about the Gettysburg Address

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