TReviews: The Orville

Written by Risa Suraya

The Orville Experience

Seth McFarland, the creator of “Family Guy” is taking his writing and creative experience to a new project called “Orville”. “The” Orville experience is exciting yet familiar. You have Starships, crewmembers, and aliens in uniforms. You have space dock in orbit, and base Headquarters buildings on earth, and most of all you have a mission.

“Orville” characters speak naturally, in the same kind of slang, and language we use today, which make it easy to understand. “Orville” also has multiple aliens and 1 mechanized living being. English is not there first language. Which makes for funny dialogue? Each character has its own personality, and makes the show more believable. Orville is like a drama with a comedy accent.

Imagine a starship on a different mission each episode. The first mission appeared to be doomed to a failure; The captain picked by the headquarters admiral. The captain is known for his drinking antics, and his personal affairs not being in order. A first officer who turns out to be his ex-wife, multiple aliens who can’t understand English very well, and a mechanical being that hates organic-based aliens.  The navigator must have soda on the bridge; and knows what’s happening with all crew positions on the bridge. And yet this crew somehow works out chaos that turns into cosmos.

Orville’s Crew:

Capt. Ed Mercer played by Seth McFarlane

Capt. Mercer is laid-back and loves his job. His one-weak area is he loves Kermit the frog.

First officer Kelly Grayson played by Adrienne Palicki

First officer Grayson is a strong willed woman, she used to be the captain’s wife, and knows the captain’s pros and cons. She also knows how to get the best out of him and that gets him frustrated at times.

If she has any shortcomings herself it would be that she still may love the captain.

Cmdr. Bortus played by Peter Macon

Second officer, he has a no nonsense demeanor. Bortis, is part of a single gendered species that lays eggs. The species is known as the Moclan.

When spoken to Bortis takes everything said literally, and he does not completely understand the English language nuances. This puts Bortis funny situations.

 Dr. Claire Finn played by Penny Johnson Jerald

Dr. Finn is one of the best Doctors in the fleet. She’s like a mom to everybody.

Her bedside manner needs more attention. The doctor is equipped with a sharp tongue, and she is  like the watchdog on the Orville.

Alara Kitan played by Halston Sage

Security Chief Kitan is 23 years old; the planet she is from has heavy gravity so when she is on Earth her physical strength is much more than a normal human. She has a gait that is alluring and fast-paced.

Isaac played by Mark Jackson

He is an mechanical life form from the planet Kaylon

He is cold, and highly logical. Isaac also thinks biological life forms are inferior.

John Lamarr played by J. Lee

He is the Navigator he knows everything that is going on, on the bridge.

He likes to Drink soda on the bridge.

Gordon Malloy played by Scott Grimes

I guess what you can say is that Gordon Malloy can be humorous no matter what situation. He lightens up the situations with his humor. He likes to be a cowboy when piloting the shuttle or the Orville.

The only thing that bothers Gordon is his red hair.

by Risa Suraya

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