Pacific 201 Interview

We recently met with Eric Henry, Executive Producer of Pacific 201, his upcoming Star Trek fan film project. Pacific 201 is presented from a realistic perspective and is described as a “historical film set in the future, that happens to assume that Star Trek is our future.” The film takes place in the pre-TOS era, after the Federation-Romulan War.

According to the Pacific 201 website:

The year is 2200. Four decades have passed since a devastating war, and while Earth prevailed, mankind was scarred with the memory of its first interstellar war. Now, humanity’s future belongs to the children of those who fought and died those years ago, and they are eager to resume peaceful exploration of the stars. These hopes and dreams ride with the launch of Earth’s newest starship: Pacific. But the final frontier is full of untold dangers, and when crisis befalls the Pacific in deep space, it will take a crew of incredible bravery and fortitude to boldly go into the unknown.

To Listen to the interview with Eric Henry, click the Play button below.

Be sure watch the Production Logs and other videos on the official Pacific 201 YouTube channel, connect with Pacific 201 on Facebook, and contribute to the Indiegogo to help offset the costs of filming.

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  • Ed Mower March 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Outstanding!! Great insight, very professional interview with LOTS of avenues explored and explained.