OnBeep Onyx Communicator

The Next Generation of Push-to-Talk

Every year brings us closer to the technology of Star Trek, and the latest addition to real world Trek tech (such as motion-activated sliding doors, PADD-like tablet computers, head-mounted visual display devices, etc.) is an advancement in hand-held communications devices.

OnBeep‘s new Onyx is a wearable palm-sized clip-on device enabling instant heads-up communications with the touch of a single button.

The Onxy syncs to an app on your iOS or Android mobile device via Bluetooth and connects to the OnBeep servers to provide real-time group communication regardless of your OS or provider. The Onyx enables users to create and manage contact groups, and communicate with the entire group without geographical limitations. Unlike similar walkie-talkie style devices which have limited range, the Onyx can connect worldwide anywhere you have a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. For private communications the Onyx supports headphones and headsets with microphones.

OnBeep OnyxThe Onyx is currently only available in the United States, as other countries have varying laws regarding devices that make use of radio frequencies. OnBeep will expand into international markets when possible. The Onyx currently sells for $99. Pre-ordered devices should start arriving this December.

The resemblance to the commbadge introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation is easily recognized and several websites have referenced Star Trek in their headlines about the Onyx:

PC Magazine: OnBeep’s Onyx is a Real-Life Star Trek Communicator
The Verge: The Onyx is a ‘Star Trek’ Communicator for the Real World
Engadget: Onyx Communicator Lets You Live Out Your ‘Star Trek’ Dreams for $99
The Guardian: OnBeep Onyx: The Star Trek Communicator has Arrived.
Business Insider: This Is The Onyx, A Real-Time Wearable Communicator Inspired By ‘Star Trek’

OnBeep is based San Francisco, CA, the (future) home of Starfleet Headquarters.

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