October Birthdays

We at Trek Radio would like to wish Happy Birthday to the actors, writers, producers and creators responsible for our favorite characters and franchises, and to acknowledge the birthdays of those who are no longer with us on this plane of existence. We have also included a few actors, musicians, scientists, etc. not directly connected with any particular entertainment franchise. This list is no where close to complete and there are many more who are deserving of being on this list. If we are missing someone who should be on this list, let us know in the comments below and we will add them in the future.

NOTE: This page is currently listing the first two weeks of October and will be updated with the remaining birthdays soon.

Natalia NogulichAdmiral Alynna Nechayev [TNG, DS9], Mon Mothma [ROTJ]
Estee ChandlerOliana Mirren [TNG]
Jay UnderwoodMortimer Harren [VOY]
Josh BrenerErskin Semaj [Rebels], Dale [Big Bang Theory]

Charles DrakeCommodore Stocker [TOS]
Avery BrooksCaptain Benjamin Sisko [DS9]
Ed Miarecki – model maker [TNG, First Contact,]
Diane Carey – Star Trek author
Jeff Bennett – Star Wars voice actor
Sting – singer, actor, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen [Dune]

Madlyn RhueMarla McGivers [TOS]
Joonas SuotamoChewbacca [Force Awakens, Last Jedi]

Rachael Leigh CookJaesa Willsaam [Old Republic]

John HoytDr. Philip Boyce [TOS]
Skip HomeierMelakon, Dr. Sevriin [TOS]
Duncan RegehrShakaar Edon [DS9], Ronin [TNG]
Neil deGrasse Tyson – astrophysicist, host [Cosmos]

Michael DurrellGen. Hazar [DS9], Robert Maxwell [V]
Wendy RobieUlani Belor [DS9]
Michael Carlin – Star Trek comics writer [Marvel/DC]

Rosalyn LandorBrenna Odell [TNG]
John LoprienoObrist [VOY]
Howard Chaykin – Star Wars comic writer/artist [Marvel]

Sigourney WeaverEllen Ripley [Alien series], Gwen DeMarco [Galaxy Quest]
Kristanna S. LokenMalia [VOY]

Barbara MarchLursa [TNG, DS9, Generations]
Scott BakulaCaptain Jonathan Archer [ENT], Dr. Sam Beckett [Quantum Leap]
Ellen WheelerEkoria [DS9]
Jason Wingreen – original voice of Boba Fett [Empire Strikes Back]
Brian BlessedBoss Rugar Nass (voice) [Phantom Menace]
Tony ShalhoubFred Kwan [Galaxy Quest]

OCT 10
Richard C. Datin, Jr. – very first studio model maker for Star Trek
Peter WhiteSharat [DS9]
Ben VereenEdward M. La Forge, MD [TNG]
Bonita FriedericyRooney [ENT]
Michael Giacchino – composer for Star Trek and Star Wars

OCT 11
Gerald Quist – makeup artist [TNG, Undiscovered Country]
Justin Lin – director, producer [Star Trek Beyond, Fast and the Furious series, ]
Michelle TrachtenbergDawn Summers [Buffy]
Clauda BlackAeryn Sun [Farscape], Vala Mal Doran [SG-1], Chloe Frazer [Uncharted]

OCT 12
Michael BofsheverMinister Toran [DS9], Quantum Singularity Alien [TNG]
Steven Lance – Rhaandarite crewman [The Motion Picture]
Aron Eli Coleite – writer, producer [Discovery]

OCT 13
Melodee M. Spevack – actress, stuntwoman, voice artist [ENT, Star Trek Games]
Wayne PygramWilhuff Tarkin [ROTS], Scorpius, Harvey [Farscape]

OCT 14
David KayeGen. Tandin [The Clone Wars]
Lori PettyNoss [VOY]

. . . To Be Continued

by Trek Radio Staff

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