[UPDATED] Klingon Pop Warrior Live on Trek Radio

The Klingon Pop Warrior, Jen Usellis, returns live to Trek Radio to discuss her second album release, bommey qu' (Fierce Songs).
jenbom, as she is known to fellow Klingons, will join DeyvID on the Warrior’s Den on Thursday, April 13 at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern to chat about her second successful crowdfunding campaign, recording her second album, recent and upcoming conventions and events, and the glory of the Klingon Empire.
While contributors to the crowdfunding campaign are already enjoying a digital download of the album, the second EP, bommey qu', officially releases on April 17, 2017. Tune in live to the Warrior’s Den on April 13 to hear some of the new songs along with Jen’s insight into the creative process. Be sure to follow Klingon Pop Warrior on Facebook and Twitter, and purchase both albums on Bandcamp.

UPDATE: Listen to the interview via the player below.
NOTE: While the songs played in their entirety during the live interview, the songs have been truncated after approximately 30 seconds in the archived interview to encourage everyone to purchase the album. There is a brief issue with an echo at the very beginning but it clears up after about 30 seconds.

bommey qu'

by Deyvid

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