Klingon Bloodwine Now Available From Star Trek Wines

After the success of their Chateau Picard wine, Star Trek Wines has launched their next big release, Klingon Bloodwine. Trek Radio’s DeyvID HolQIn, served as a consultant for the design of the bottle.

Star Trek Wines is now accepting orders for their latest release, Klingon Bloodwine, which is a Cabernet Sauvignon made from grapes cultivated to produce strong fruit that glistens a vibrant ruby color in the glass. Known for quality wines, Star Trek Wines set out to produce a traditional Klingon bloodwine and wanted to ensure the bottle would be just as glorious.

To ensure the bottle’s design would look and feel authentic, Star Trek Wines brought DeyvID aboard the project as a consultant on Klingon language and culture. After meeting and interviewing the Star Trek Wines team at Star Trek Las Vegas for the Chateau Picard wine, DeyvID offered his services for the then-secret Bloodwine project. During the process, Chris Lipscombe (qurgh lungqIj of KLI / KAG) was added to the project. Both DeyvID and Chris were honored to contribute to the project, and were happy that Star Trek Wines cared enough about quality, authenticity and accuracy that they brought in Klingon experts to strengthen the product presentation.

The bottles feature a bold Klingon emblem encircled by bat’leth swords, accurate Klingon language on the labels and corks, the corks feature one of four different Klingon phrases, and the bottles are further sealed with hand-dipped red wax. “The Klingon Bloodwine bottles will be glorious collector’s pieces worthy of display in any captain’s quarters or warrior’s den,” said DeyvID.

Star Trek Wines’ Klingon Bloodwine is featured on Wine Spectator with a nice quote from our resident Klingon and host of the Warriors’ Den.

Read the full official press release in Klingon… if you can read Klingon.

Visit to learn more and place your order. Currently, the Bloodwine only ships within the U.S. Check the site if the Bloodwine is available in your state.

batlh yItlhutlh! (“Drink honorably!”)

by Deyvid

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