Geek Nation Tours at STLV 2015

Trek Radio stopped by the Geek Nation Tours booth at the 2015 Star Trek Las Vegas convention for a special interview with Head Geek Teras Cassidy and Dr. Trek Larry Nemecek to discuss upcoming events and activities for Geek Nation Tours and Trekland’s Portal 47. They also recapped the special tour which took place just one day before the largest Star Trek convention in the world.


Before a legion of Trek fans gathered at the Rio hotel for STLV 2015, an international group of Trekkies journeyed deep into the Nevada desert. Departing the hotel at approximately 7AM, the would-be Away Team, led by Teras and Larry, embarked on Geek Nation ToursTrek into the Valley of Fire one-day adventure. While riding in SUVs then hiking through the desert, the tour group shared stories of Trek fandom and bonded over this unique experience.


The tour group trekked to various sites within the Valley of Fire State Park which were used as filming locations for the alien planet Veridian III in Star Trek: Generations, such as the Silica Dome where Soran’s missile platform was constructed. The group also scoured the film location in search of “Picard’s Hole”, the stone arch Picard attempted to crawl through. Along with the sites used for filming Generations, the tour visited several areas featuring petroglyphs and structures created by ancient Pueblo People. Over the course of the tour, the former strangers became fast friends. While the Valley of Fire State Park offers regular tours of their own, the special tour with Geek Nation Tours was a unique experience for Star Trek fans that will be remembered for a lifetime. Several of the tour-goers who met on the tour are staying in contact via social media.

Trek Radio’s Deyvid was honored to be invited to join the tour to provide coverage for the Trek community. He made the questionable decision to wear a Starfleet uniform similar to Captain Picard’s while enduring the intense heat and gusting winds of the Valley of Fire. He braved the elements and took the photographs seen below. Read his Valley of Fire personal log entry.

STLV2015 Geek Nation Tours


The Valley of Fire tour is usually the last leg of the larger Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood to Vegas tour which spans several days and travels from Los Angeles to Las Vegas stopping at numerous filming sites and significant locations with celebrity guests, ending up at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention.

To celebrate 50 years of Star Trek in 2016, the full tour is being expanded as the 50th Anniversary Exploring Trek Sites tour is adding San Francisco, the future home of Starfleet Academy. The tour will see the area where the Bell Riots took place in Deep Space 9, the streets where the classic lines “double dumb-ass on you!” and “nuclear wessels” were spoken, the Monterrey Bay aquarium that was redressed as the Cetacean Institute housing the famous Star Trek whales, George and Gracie, Starfleet Headquarters and Academy, the Golden Gate Bridge, and more. Along the way from Frisco to LA to Vegas, the tour will be joined by Rod Roddenberry, Cirroc Lofton (“Jake Sisko”), Chase Masterson (“Leeta”), Bobby Clark (the original Gorn), and Michael Westmore.

For more information about booking the 50th Anniversary tour as well as the vast array of other tours, visit Be sure to connect with Geek Nation Tours on Facebook and Twitter.

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