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Trek Radio has established our channel TrekRadioOfficial on Twitch where we will stream a variety of content including gaming, talk shows, event coverage, and more.

Originally focused entirely on live streaming video games, has expanded in recent years to include support for creative arts and crafts streams, cooking streams, talk shows and general IRL streaming. Trek Radio has begun streaming on Twitch and as we move into our convention season we will stream live to Twitch from the conventions and events we attend.

While not every show on Trek Radio will be simulcasted on our Twitch stream due to restrictions of our music license, some of our original non-music shows and content will also appear on Twitch such as our weekly talk show Terra Nova, the longest running show on Trek Radio, which is streamed live on Twitch while also airing live on our primary audio stream on our website. We will also stream certain content only on Twitch such as gaming streams where we will play both single player and multiplayer games with our community, as well as new upcoming programming.

In addition to providing another fun and interactive platform to engage with our community, our Twitch channel has the potential to become a viable revenue source if we become a Twitch affiliate by meeting certain milestone requirements. We are working on those requirements and making progress, and we encourage everyone to join Twitch and follow our channel.

Trek Radio is also planning to return to the TwitchCon convention this October 26 – 28 in San Jose, California.

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