Feature Series: Halloween Costuming

STAR TREK BEYOND continues to pay tribute the original 1966 series in it’s redesign of the costumes. Adam Savage and Norman Chan analyze a production quality costume from the film’s costume designer, Sanja Hays. She has worked on all seven Fast and Furious films along with 1998’s Star Trek: Insurrection. The crew uniforms were completely redesigned, replacing the Federation logo pattern seen in the previous two films. The retro look has cast member Karl Urban (Dr. “Bones” McCoy) commenting, “In the 50th Anniversary, the designers have done a wonderful job of giving a lovely nod to Star Trek’s past.”

Costume designers and cosplay artists will notice details like dual tone panels, long sleeves, and an update to the Starfleet insignia pin. Unlike the previous two films where the insignia pin was silver, the Star Trek Beyond insignia is primarily gold with a silver bevel. Film production pins were applied with adhesive and curved to lay nicely on the chest. Devil is in the details!


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STAR TREK BEYOND is already available on Digital HD and will be released on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and Blu-ray 3D™ combo packs Nov. 1, 2016.

by Risa Suraya

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