Fan Gives Back In The Form Of Little Library

I decided to find ways Sci-fi fans were helping make this world a better place.  Well I did not have to go far.  In my town of Louisville Kentucky there is a super fan by the name of Shannon Fauver, a local attorney.  She decided to take her love for Star Trek to bold new heights and help spread the love of books.  She partnered with the Little Free Library and created a Star Trek Delta Shield library.  

Courtesy Shannon Fauver

“I first got involved with the Little Free Library as a service project for scouts several years ago.  These were the average run of the mill house libraries.  It was not until I saw a Library that was in the likeness of the TARDIS from Doctor Who that I decided to make one for Star Trek and put it outside my law office.  That was about two years ago. I had to pay someone to build it since I did not know how to make the shape I wanted.  I was always surprised that Star Trek did not have a legal division, so I decided to put my law logo as the assignment on the shield” Ms. Fauver said.   She has even gone through the cost to have her library registered so it can be found on the map on the site with its own charter number.

I asked her “What kind of books do you use for the library?” To which she replied “I take all kinds of books.  Most of them have been Sci-fi in nature.  I guess it is because it is a Star Trek themed library.  There has only been a couple of books I have to remove, But I do rotate them, so the same books are not in there all the time. There are some days when I filled it up in the morning, by the afternoon all the books are gone.”

Courtesy Tia “Blind” Jenkins

This library is very popular in the neighborhood.  It has been featured in several pictures promoting the neighborhood.  While up there I noticed about several people either using the library or taking selfies with it.   When asked one of the admirers why she had to take a picture of it . “It’s cool.  It’s Star Trek no other reason is needed” said Shirley Anderson a visitor who is in the city for a convention who heard about the library. 

Ms. Fauver also stated the library needed some repairs.  She had the library re-furbished due to the bottom falling out; it needed new paint and the post was leaning; but do not fret fellow sci-fi loves this was not due to any vandalism but that the library had so much love the weight of all the books and good old mother nature has caused this.  It is just so happens the library has just gotten a fresh coat of paint just this week. 

If anybody would like information on starting your own little free library or would like to locate your closest one to go to the Little Free Library site.

If you have a story about a fan of Sci-fi helping their community, please reach out to us.

by Trek Radio Staff

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