Comic Con at Home (Friday)

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing. Despite the digital divide of a virtual con, this year’s convention is dropping plenty of fun panels and exciting news. Here’s what we’re watching with ComicCon@Home:

Friday, July 24

10:00am • Charlize Theron: Evolution of a Badass – An Action Hero Career Retrospective (

10:00am • Cosplay – the Spice of Life!!! (

10:00am • The Mandalorian and His Many Gadgets (

11:00am • Entertainment is Female: a Conversation with Hollywood Executives (

11:00am • Star Wars Audiobooks: Doctor Aphra (

12:00pm • AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead (

12:00pm • Lucasfilm Publishing: Stories From a Galaxy Far. Far Away (

12:00pm • Zombies and Coronavirus: Planning for the Next Big Outbreak (

1:00pm • AMC’s the Walking Dead (

2:00pm • AMC’s the Walking Dead: The World Beyond (

2:00pm • The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars (

3:00pm • Galaxy Grrls or the Female and Non-Binary Authors Who Bridge the New Frontier of Space Fiction (

4:00pm • Fantasy & Sci-Fi Authors (

4:00pm • Sinless Fearless Ruthless a Look at Science and Social Science in a YA Sci-Fi Book (

5:00pm • No Strange Bedfellows: The Relationship Between Pro Wrestling and Comics (

6:00pm • Klingon Lifestyles the Home Alone Year (

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