Captain’s log

Captain’s log stardate 95890.7

As we Patral the Bajor Sector Admiral Quinn Hails us From starfleet with a mission.
The Tzenkethi officer Captain Neth Perr has more intalligence for the alliance after the assault on Bajor.
My mission is to debrief the Captain and see what this new information is. As i get to DS9 i make my way to the Brig
to take to this Tzenkethi Captain.I meet with Captain La Forge to see how the interrogation is going he tells me the
Tzenkethi Captain deserves a fair shake that in mind I begin my interrogation. After talking with the Tzenkethi Captain
about why thay in the cell i let them out for a more in depth talk.Neth Perr starts to tell me there story. It begins
on Neth Perr 1st mission as a Captain. mission orders was to not let no one escaps the planet why they prepares the weapon.
After stoping all the ships from escaping the Admiral hails and tells me because of this is my first mission i have the
honor of detonating the Protomatter bomb on the plant it was hard but did as the Admiral ordered.For the next mission was ordered to
Draconis III to lead the team to set off the Protomatter bomb on the plant. we detect a large structure and three Murals and pillers at
a temple so I examine them all. Looks like they are Gathering the Drantzuli Eggs also worship the eggs form the murals.
inside the Temple there was murals of 23th century starfleet there was no time to investigate more why starfleet was here at this time.
As my team set up the Protomatter bomb I had to defend my crew from attack. they had got locked in with the Protomatter bomb with no way out.
I was ordered to leave my men to die. I was given a new mission to scan a planet for eggs we was contacted by Councillor Etunem.
Etunem states it was Free from the bioform we seek to destroy. They had put the eggs on there moon and had put them there for us to save there planet.
when they had heard of the fate of other worlds like theres. Scans indicates there are no eggs there and over four billion souls that dwell there
on Atoses Prime. The Admiral told us to confirm the councilor’s story on the moon and planet they we had been lied to before and at great cost.
after scans indicate that Councillor Etunem words are true we fire on the moon with a Protomatter Torpedo. Admiral Tzen-Tarrak orders us back to the planet for a deep-scan.
there was no infestation on the plant on my scans but the admiral was determined to see the fall of the planet and fires a Protomatter Torpedo.
Killing over four billion souls. after that my crew and I decided enough is a enough and was done.From this point forward I begin to walk along the path of atoement
and defect to the Alliance against the Admiral.To end the endless suffering by my people and the Admiral.

End Captain’s Log

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