BREAKING: Bryan Fuller Steps Down as ‘Discovery’ Show Runner

by Lisa Guetzkow

On Oct. 26, Variety reported Bryan Fuller has stepped down as the show runner for the upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery. Fuller will remain as an executive producer and the series will continue to follow the vision he has established for the universe with Fuller continuing to be involved in the story, but the day-to-day showrunning will be handed over to executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, with writer-director Akiva Goldsman also joining in a top creative role.

According to Variety, there has been “strain” between CBS and Fuller over “the progress of the production of the show”. Fuller has written the first two scripts for Discovery and has planned out the major story arc for the show, but Fuller is also busy with the upcoming Starz drama “American Gods” and preparing NBC’s reboot of “Amazing Stories.”

Filming is set to begin next month in Toronto, though the lead character — a female lieutenant commander — has yet to be cast. Star Trek Discovery is scheduled to debut May 2017, after the original January launch was pushed back.

Mighty Mundane filed this report for broadcast:

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