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Star Trek Online: Shipyard Update, October 2016

From the Dockmaster at Utopia Planitia:

The Star Trek Online team have released three new Dreadnought Class [T6] starships for Federation Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force, and Romulan Republic factions.

  • The first vessel, available to Starfleet Captains at Vice Admiral Rank, is the Yamato Class Dreadnought Cruiser, based on the Galaxy Class Spaceframe this cruiser features a built-in Phaser Spinal Lance capability and Saucer Separation. The Yamato Class can be kit-bashed with Galaxy, Monarch, and Venture (if purchased) class section modules.

    Yamato Class Profile

  • The second vessel, acquirable by Klingon Captains at Lieutenant General Rank, is the Kosali Siege Destroyer, based on the Nausicaan Garumba Spaceframe this ship type features built-in Siege Mode and Javelin capabilities. The Kosali can be kit-bashed with Guramba class section modules.

    Kosali Class Profile

  • The third vessel, which can be requisitioned by Romulan Captains at Vice Admiral Rank, is the Kara Advanced Warbird, based on the Ha’apax Warbird Design this vessel class features a built-in Plasma Spinal Lance capability and Dual Vector Separation. The Kara Class can be kit-bashed with Ha’apax and Haakona (if purchased) class section modules.

    Kara Class Profile

Each of these starships comes equipped with a Supplemental Subsystems universal console and an unlockable Subsystem Redundancies starship trait.

Supplemental Subsystems Console

“Activating this console substantially increases your starship’s maximum subsystem power levels for a short time. While active, incoming energy weapon attacks damage the attacker, and leech a small amount of the attacker’s subsystem power back to you. Additionally, you gain a Subsystem Overload Counter each time you are hit with an energy attack. After obtaining 20 counters you emit a devastating pulse of electrical energy which deals heavy damage to nearby enemies. Affected enemies have all of their subsystems knocked offline for a brief period. This console provides a passive bonus to all subsystem power levels and can only be equipped on Starfleet Dreadnought Cruisers, Advanced Warbirds or Siege Destroyers in any console slot.” Source: Cryptic

Subsystem Redundancies

A Level 5 Starship Mastery Trait. “While Subsystem Redundancies is slotted, firing a Spinal Lance, Javelin or Beam: Overload I, II and III will trigger a shield heal, a shield hardness buff and will restore offline shields.” Source: Cryptic

These vessels are also equipped with a hangar bay and are available for purchase in Star Trek Online via the C-Store.

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