UPDATE #2 – Win Tickets for Destination Star Trek!

UPDATE #2: We have a winner! We are happy to announce Günter Heintz is our winner for 2 tickets to Destination Star Trek: Germany. Congratulations to Günter! We hope to see him there. Stay tuned for event coverage throughout the convention.

On February 8, Jill Ubdegrove of Media 10 joins us for a live on-air interview to discuss the up-coming Destination Star Trek: Germany event in Frankfurt.

During the interview we will give away a pair of 3-day standard admission tickets to DST. We will read off 3 trivia questions during the broadcast. A winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct answers sent to The winner will be announced on Monday, February 10 via our website, Facebook and Twitter.

The contest will be open world wide. Airfare and accommodations are not included and will be the responsibility of the winner. The winner will be notified by email. Tickets can be collected upon arrival at the venue. Official contest rules available by request. Full ticket info can be viewed at

Tune in to win this Saturday at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm GMT only on Trek Radio.

UPDATE: Below are the trivia questions read on air during the interview with Destination Star Trek. Enter today!

Which cast member left the show during season four of Star Trek Voyager?

A – Garrett Wang
B – Tim Russ
C – Ethan Phillips
D – Jennifer Lien

What food did Hoshi hate as a child, but grew to love as an adult?

A – Pineapple
B – Strawberry gelatin
C – Peas
D – Soba Noodles

The Klingon saying “Today is a good day to die” actually comes from which Native American leader?

A – Sitting Bull
B – Squanto
C – Crazy Horse
D – Geronimo

by Trek Radio Staff