Whats On Today? (Tuesday 28th September)

Star Trek Outpost (1×09 – Successful Negotiations) 9-11am PST (12-2pm EST / 5-7pm GMT)
The Ten Forward Hours (DJ Dawson) 11am-12pm PST (2pm-3pm EST / 7pm-8pm GMT)
Captain’s Table (Timewarp DJ) 12pm-2pm PST (3pm-5pm EST / 8pm-10pm GMT)
Star Trek Now (DJ JeanAllTrekkie) 2pm-3pm PST (5pm-6pm EST / 10pm-11pm GMT)
Deep Space Anomaly (DJ Jarin Solare) 3pm-5pm PST (6pm-8pm EST / 11pm-1am GMT)
The 420 Show (DJ Kinneas) 5pm-8pm PST (8pm-11pm EST / 1am-4am GMT)
Star Trek Outpost (1×09 – Successful Negotiations) 8pm-10pm PST (11pm-1am EST / 4am-6am GMT)
STOkast (Podcast) 10pm-11pm PST (1am-2am EST / 6am-7am GMT)
DJ Bunnynose 11pm-1am PST (2am-4am EST / 7am-9am GMT) *Show runs over into the next day

Today on Star Trek: Outpost

While Dr. Winston and Lt. Exler  meet with the pirate Dersick at the local watering hole, Goshen pays a visit to Yossarian’s Warehouse to pick up the D.I.G. for DS3. But what they don’t know is that someone is watching…and waiting…

by Trek Radio Staff