Whats on Today? (Saturday, 11th September)

The Ready Room (DJ Doug) – 6-11am PST (9am-2pm EST / 2-7pm GMT)
DJ Ray – 11am-1pm PST (2-4pm EST / 7-9pm GMT)
The Great Brainstorm (Kinneas) – 3pm-5pm PST (6pm-8pm EST / 11pm-1am GMT)
DJ Cohas – 5pm-6pm PST (8pm-9pm EST / 1am-2am GMT)
DJ MightyMundane – 7pm-10pm PST (10pm-1am EST / 3am-6am GMT)
Hailing Frequency Podcast – 10pm-11pm PST (1am-2am EST / 6am-7am GMT)
DJ TripJay – 11pm-2am PST (2-5am EST / 7-10am GMT) *Show runs over into the next day

by Trek Radio Staff