What’s on Today? (Monday, 23rd August)

The Great Brainstorm (Kinneas) – 12am-3am PST (3am-6am EST / 8am-11am GMT)
S.T.O.P Podcast – 4am-5am PST (7-8am EST / 12pm-1pm GMT)
Doc’s Sickbay – 10am-11am PST (1pm-2pm EST / 6pm-7pm GMT)
The Captain’s Table (Timewarp DJ) – 12pm-3pm PST (3pm-6pm EST / 8pm-11pm GMT)
You Got Mathed! (Jeremy Randall) – 3pm-4pm PST (6pm-7pm EST / 11pm-12am GMT)
Red Shirt Army Podcast – 5pm-6pm PST (8pm-9pm EST / 1am-2am GMT)
Miracle Worker Alcove (DJ Phil Burleson) – 6pm-7pm PST (9pm-10pm EST / 2am-3am GMT)
DJ Delta122 – 7pm-9pm PST (10pm-12am EST / 3am-5am GMT)
Terra Nova (DJ Risa & DJ Kain) – 9pm-11pm PST (12am-2am EST / 5am-7am GMT)
DJ TripJay – 11pm-2am PST (2am-5am EST / 7am-10am GMT) *Show runs over into the next day

by Risa Suraya