Website Updates: Team Pages, Embeddable Players & More!

As we approach Trek Radio’s first birthday, we are hard at work behind the scenes rolling out several new updates both on our radio stream and on our website.

Today, we have launched several updates both minor and major on the Trek Radio website:

Team Pages

We have launched a new Team Page today at

This page not only lists all of our current staff members and DJs (complete list pending!), but it also allows you to click onto individual DJ pages to find out more about them!  Each team member has full control over their page, so you can find out tonnes of information about your favorite DJs, about their shows and when they are on, their favorite songs and movies at the moment and much more!

In addition, you can “like” your favorite team members via Facebook, read their twitter feed and follow them if you desire, and leave comments on their profiles and engage with them and their other fans!

Our team members are hard at work filling out their profiles at the moment, but you can check out some of the following that have been completed!

Check back often for more updates!

Embedable Players

For several months now, listeners have been asking us how to embed our stream onto their web page. Until now, the only option has been a free service provided by an external provider, but no longer.

Trek Radio now has several flash powered web players available, with more coming soon.   You can view all of the current available players at

Complaints Form

We know that on occasion, you have a complaint about something thats occured on Trek Radio.   We have now launched a new complaints form so that you can properly report your complaints.   Fill it out when nessesary at

………..Coming Soon!

Coming soon on Trek Radio, we will be launching a shiney new requests system, a new polling system so we can get regular feedback from you our listeners, and much much more!   Keep your browsers tuned to

by Trek Radio Staff