Warp 11 on STO-Radio – 1st October

The hit Star Trek Rock Band, Warp 11 will be appearing live on STO-Radio this week on Friday 1st October at 2pm PST for a feature one hour interview!

During the interview, we will be asking the questions sent in by YOU, the community and finding out a bit more about Warp 11 as a band. We will also be playing songs from some of their hit albums and we will have 3 copies of their latest album to give away – “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN, AS LONG AS THEY HAVE VULCANS IN HELL”

Questions for Warp 11?

No Problem! If you have a question for Warp 11, please hit the “Reply” or “Leave Comment” button on this thread and post your question for consideration.

Alternativly, you can e-mail your question to “” with the subject “Warp 11 Question” – you MUST include this subject otherwise your e-mail will be automatically deleted.

In addition, for those of you who have Skype – feel free to add “hailing.frequency” (typing Warp 11 in the invite comments when you add us).   If you have question for Warp 11, you may be invitied to come on the air and ask your question.    Please note that you will be required to send us your question in advance on Skype Chat before you are brought on the air.

by Trek Radio Staff