Want to be a DJ? Apply Now! Donations….more!

If you have been on the ball about applying to become a DJ here at Trek Radio, then now is the time to apply!  Due to some staff shuffling, we have several shifts available every day of the week!

If you have sent an application in the past three or four weeks, you should be hearing from us soon however you should feel free to submit another application if you want to make sure you are not missed!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Birthday Celebrations

Trek Radio’s 1st birthday approaches!  What would you like to see us do to celebrate our birthday?  A monster PVP session in Star Trek Online?  New celebrity interviews?  Something else entirely?  Let us know what you think by commenting and, if you so choose, you can record a short 30 or 60 second audio message and email it to letting us know what Trek Radio has meant to you over the past 12 months – what you’ve liked, what you’ve loved, and your hopes for our second year! Go for it! Don’t be shy!


Some folks in our IRC Chatroom have noted that our donations goals have been increasing as of late and have been asking the eternal question – “Why?”.  As the end of our first year on the air approaches, the time comes for us to renew our broadcast licenses and ensure that we have everything in order for our second year on the air.   To prepare for this, we have gradually notched up our required donation amounts of the past few months to allow us to build up our “Year 2 Licensing” fund.  We felt that this was better than a one of sudden increase to say, $800 or more in one month and would be less of a shock to the system!

As Trek Radio continues to grow, so do our licensing costs.  Licensing refers to the amount we must pay to copyright holders such as Sony BMG and such for the use of their music on Trek Radio.    We must pay licensing in several countries as we are a worldwide radio station and this has to be done once per year.   We also have our ongoing monthly costs such as website hosting, the dedicated server that runs our radio stream, bandwidth, advertising and so forth!

Every donation helps keep us on the internet and over the past 12 months, we have recieved over $3300 from your, our loyal listeners all of which has been put back into Trek Radio.   We hope that over the next 12 months as we continue to grow, that you will be just as generous, if not more so!

Thats all for now, so we’d just like to say Thanks for your continuing support.

Yours Forever,

The Trek Radio Team

by Trek Radio Staff