Viva Las Vegas

Star Trek Online (STO) is beaming over to Las Vegas this August to bring Star Trek fans all of the behind-the-scenes news and information they crave. Stop by the vendor room where the Star Trek Online Development Team from Cryptic Studios will be disembarking at “Podcasters Row” sponsored by and Geek Nation Tours. Brandon Felczer (PWE_BranFlakes), Community Manager, will be on hand all four days to answer your questions and present exciting audio-visual tidbits for the convention crowd. Make sure to visit the largest collection of Star Trek Online podcasts assembled under one booth.

The G&T Show is an irreverent podcast where hosts Terilynn Shull and Nick Minecci discuss all forms of Star Trek writing from movies and television to novels, games, and fan-fiction. They can be heard live on Sunday mornings at and downloaded from iTunes or

Gates of Sto’Vo’Kor is a Klingon audio drama/podcast taking place within the Star Trek Online universe. Join Korrath, G’hargh, Hauk, and Deyvid as they tell stories of honor and glory while showing their listeners what it means to be Klingon. Visit them at

Priority One is Star Trek Online’s premier weekly podcast. Hosts James, Elijah, and Adrianne interview Cryptic developers, STO community members, share the latest news and discuss your game ideas. The Priority One crew also have a new podcast, Trek It Out, focusing on general Star Trek and Sci-Fi discussion. Join them live every Thursday at or tune in for the edited episode on Monday. You can find it all at!

Jupiter Broadcasting’s STOked is the ultimate Star Trek Online podcast. Hosts Chris Fisher and Tom Cruz a.k.a. Maverick, discuss all things STO from game play to the Foundry and all points in between. Watch them live on Saturdays on or on-demand every Tuesday. Additional formats are available at

Podcast UGC is one of the primier STO podcasts dedicated to the Foundry and the Foundry community. Hosted by Havraha, Terilynn, and Bob, Podcast UGC offers engaging discussion and feedback as well as Foundry mission reviews and occasional developer interviews. You can listen to Podcast UGC live on both and Trek Radio. Visit their website at

Primetime UGC is one of the premier STO podcasts dedicated to the Foundry and the Foundry community. Hosted by Capt. PFDennis, Castmodean, and Cerberusfilms, Primteime UGC is a talk show filmed entirely inside Star Trek Online. You can watch their videos on Starbase UGC and YouTube, and visit their website at

Geek Nation Tours going to only the very best in Geeky destinations and events. Holidays created for Geeks by Geeks. They also have the geek-adjacent (a.k.a. girlfriend/wife) covered with their Parallel Universe tours. For more details on trips to GenCon, Adepticon, Star Trek Las Vegas and even places outside the United States like Essen Speil in Germany check out!

But wait there’s more! Trek Radio and the participating podcasts will be broadcasting live from 12pm-6pm every day with celebrity interviews and up-to-the-minute coverage from the convention floor. Experience actual game play as DJ Maverick’s high resolution projection of STO from inside the booth puts you “in the game.” While you get up close and personal with the Devs that will be stopping by, new players may sign up for their very own Star Trek Online account.  So whether you’re a player, fan, or green-blooded hobgoblin this event will have something for you!

Keep your eyes glued to our front page as we release more information in the coming weeks leading up to the convention on August 9th-12th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

by Deyvid