Vegas 2011 – Video Interviews – Round #2

Here we go with a second round of video uploads to our YouTube channel at – we have uploaded several more video bits and interviews from the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention in FULL HD – check out links to them all below!

Vegas 2011 – TR Interviews Miramanee Impersonator
Vegas 2011 – TR Interviews Lydia as Female Khan
Vegas 2011 – TR interviews Mudds Women
Vegas 2011 – TR speaks to Pamela as Borg Queen
Vegas 2011 – TR speaks to Space Jump Lady
Vegas 2011 – TR speaks to a Benjamin Sisko Impersonator!
Vegas 2011 – TR’s Elroy speaks to Charlotte and Maria from Sweden!
Vegas 2011 – TR speaks to Ambassadors from Vulcan, Alberta

If you missed round 1 of our video uploads, check those out at

by Trek Radio Staff