Trek Nation premiere’s tonight on the Science Channel

The documentary, which airs tonight as a two-hour special on the Science Channel , explores “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision and its impact on viewers’ lives over the last 45 years. The film is produced and narrated through the eyes of his son Eugene Roddenberry Jr., who has been on a quest to know his father since he passed away when Rod was only 17 years old.

Among those interviewed for the film include J.J. Abrams, Ron D. Moore, George Lucas, Nichelle Nichols, Patrick Stewart, Wil Wheaton, and Seth MacFarlane.

Everyone’s talking about Roddenberry’s Trek Nation!!! Read what people are saying…

“All hail Gene Roddenberry! Honored to be a part of the @ScienceChannel’s #Trek Nation” – Nichelle Nichols (@RealNichelle)

“Trek Nation may be one of the most lovingly crafted documentaries I have ever seen, concerning ‘Star Trek’ or any fan base.” – Ashley Strickland (CNN)

“I love the idea that we do have this belief in a future where we are working together for the greater good and that makes me so proud of my father,” – Rod Roddenberry (

“’Trek Nation’ really made me reassess what I thought I knew about the power of sci-fi, because it took science as its foundation and then created this incredible world that had powerful social commentary,” Bernadette McDaid (The Science Channel)

Watch the special features and some deleted scenes with Trek Nation Director Scott Colthorp on The Director’s Log, a web series on YouTube. Trek Nation airs tonight (November 30th) at 8PM ET/PT on the Science Channel.

by Risa Suraya