Trek Radio suffers (another) DDoS attack during podcasters summit!

As many of you may have noted last night, Trek Radio was the victim of a sustained Denial of Service attack yesterday starting from around 8pm GMT and continuing until aproximatly 3am GMT the following morning.   The DDoS attack coincided with the innaugral Star Trek Online Podcasters summit which was scheduled to take place here on Trek Radio.

During this huge and unprecedented attack, our servers were flooded with huge amounts of information, causing them to become overwhelmed which in turn prevented many of you from being able to tune in.   While the podcasters summit did continue via LiveStream, the event was prevented from being the huge success we had anticipated it would be.

This is not the first time that Trek Radio has suffered a DDoS attack – in the past, we have suffered attacks coinciding with our live interviews with folks such as Doug Drexler, Rick Sternbach and others – the timing and targetted nature of these attacks makes it seem obvious that someone, or a group of someones would like to prevent these special events from taking place and reaching their potential.  To these people, I have a simple message:  Each attack you launch strengthens my resolve to see Trek Radio become a worldwide success, each attack you launch also brings us one step closer to tracking who you are.  As I type this, the technicians at our data center are analysing the nature of the attack, where it originated from, its time and duration and cross referencing this with past attacks.  A report is being prepared which will be submitted to the cyber-crimes police departments both in the UK and United States, so whoever you are, know that your time is limited and you will be found.

In the meantime, Trek Radio will continue forward and we are working to increase our security and put backup systems into place, so if you ever have trouble tuning in, always check our website at for information!

Many thanks to our listeners from around the world for continuing to support Trek Radio and be sure to tune in to Trek Radio later this month for our live coverage of FedCon out of Dusseldorf, Germany!

If you missed the podcasters summit, please check our on-demand section in a short while where you will be able to download a full recording of the show!

Zach Nicodemous

Station Owner

by Trek Radio Staff