Trek Radio beams into Star Trek: The Exhibition in Orlando

Trek Radio was recently invited to explore the Star Trek Exhibition which beamed down to Orlando, FL in May 2012.  We graciously accepted, packed our bags, set a course at maximum warp and were not disappointed when we arrived.

Just a few weeks into their away mission, the Star Trek Exhibition is shaping up nicely.  The first thing that Captain Don Rousseau, sales and marketing manager was eager to explain is that, unlike the “other” Star Trek Exhibit that was touring the United States in 2011, this Star Trek Exhibit is here to stay.

“We are here through 2014 and if the Exhibition continues to be a success, we’ll be here indefinitely. We really want to become the Star Trek Experience for the East Coast albeit, without the restaurant due to space limitations.”

The first thing that meets your eyes when you enter the exhibit is the bridge of the original USS Enterprise from the original series.  This is not a replica – It is the original set used in the 1960s.  Without being quite sure that I had heard right, I asked Captain Rousseau if….“this is the ACTUAL chair that William Shatner used?”…. and with a smile on his face he replied in the affirmative.

Every costume, every prop and every item that you see is completely genuine – the costumes were worn by the actors in the shows and movies, the props were held in their hands and the chairs comfortably encompassed their buttocks.  And it is this fact that makes the Star Trek Exhibition something special.   You can walk around the bridge, sit in the Captain’s Chair and you are free to take photos.   Other great photo opportunities include the Scorpion Fighter used in Star Trek Nemesis – it is full size and we were allowed behind the rope to take close up photos and get a peek inside so we can confirm that its 100% genuine and complete with interior and let’s not forget the Klingon Captains chair which you are completely free to sit in for photos – costume is optional!

Right now you can access the Exhibit for $15.95 a person ($9.95 for kids aged 5-12, kids under 5 go free!) and it’ll easily keep you occupied for over an hour as it stands right now, however, this introductory price will be going up at some point in the near future because the Exhibit has some big plans!

Captain Don informed me that they have two entire warehouses full of new items that they will be putting on display in the exhibit over the coming weeks, months and I’ll dare say years!  CBS/Paramount are constantly shipping new items to the Exhibit and in the near future, full size sets for the Transporter Room and Holodeck will be going up.  Exhibit refits will take place every 3-4 months to keep it fresh for repeat-visitors and in addition, they are in the process of hiring actors who will conduct tours of the Exhibit in full costume, put on short Star Trek scenes for visitors to watch and much more.  I was also informed that the Exhibit may attempt to hold convention-style events in the near future, albeit, on a smaller scale due to their limited space.

All in all, Trek Radio is very happy to highly recommend the Exhibit to anyone visiting the Orlando area.

Special Event

If you are in the area on July 23rd, the Exhibit will be holding a special event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Next Generation.  A limited-access party will be taking place at the Exhibit in a recreation of ten-forward complete with bar area, furniture and period buffet (tribble nuggets and vulcan hot wings are on the menu).  After a little while, a bus will take guests to the Orlando screening of The Next Generation’s “Datalore” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” at Regal Cinemas, before returning to the exhibit for a special tour of new parts of the exhibit that will be opening up.  Make up artists will also be on site to transform visiting guests into Andorians, Klingons, et cetera

If you wish to purchase tickets for this event, you can contact Captain Don Rousseau direct on or get them via their websit at  At the time of writing this article, entry price is $40 dollars for the evening which starts at 5pm.

Article and Photos by Zach Nicodemous.  Star Trek: The Exhibition is located at 7220 International Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32819 and is open year round.

by Trek Radio Staff