TLWSD Celebrations!

Not to Psych you out but my Dad says pretending you don’t care about your birthday is like watching a hooker pretend she’s out for a walk when cops drive by. I’m sure people are fighting to send you good wishes on this important day. And if this were Fight Club, we’d fight William Shatner too because he’s the Big Giant Head for God’s sake and I can get behind that!

And while you’re the only person we’ve seen turn “Has Been” into a good thing, we’ve known for years that you have the midas touch. We’ve seen you sell everything from bran cereal to computers. Forget the Negotiator; Priceline needs to hire you to sell more kidney stones…$75,000 a pop is just good business.

For over 50 years, your fans have been addicted to your special brand of “Tek” and they’d like to wish you bonne fête for many light years to come. Saddle up Ranger Bob, because the best things are expressed in two words…Rocket Man; Denny Crane; and Happy Birthday!


So, how did you celebrate the biggest, most high-octane day of the year? What did you do on William Shatner’s birthday? Well, the good folks over here at Trek Radio went all out. And why not, how many… oppor-tunities willweget… to… talklikeWilliamShatner? Yes, it was International Talk Like William Shatner Day! I dare say the most wonderful time of the year. To celebrate, we put together a tribute sketch dedicated to the birthday boy himself. If you have missed it, do yourself and those in the cubicles next to you a favor and play the link below.

Shatnered UniverseShatnered Universe


And finally, from all of us to the Man himself…

Happy birthday and many happy returns!

Happy Birthday Tribute

by Deyvid