The Trouble with Tribbles…

Live Events Shakedown and the Coming Invasion in Star Trek Online
Tribble Test Server Weekend
by Kinneas

July 4 2011

“Empires. Stand down from Red Alert.” The Tribble Test Weekend is now over and the UFP is intact and secure thank to the combined efforts of Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Forces.

Friday evening an undetected Borg transport managed to get all the way to SOL & deposit a small, elite ground force that infected many civilians and starfleet forces. All attempts to treat the infected failed and all infected did die. This reporter believes he also saw a squad of romulans beam in an detonate a Tholaron radiation device killing dozens in the blink of an eye.

On the scene and on the air at the time of the Earth Space Dock invasion were DJ Mighty Mundane & Kinneas. They were able to get the word out and reinforcement troops were enough to secure Earth Space Dock and SOl. A fast outreach to all listeners across the UFP and beyond kept sector reports flowing in by the moment and at the moment over fifty Dominion and Borg battleships came through the Bajoran wormhole. With all forces across four quadrants tuned in, reinforcement ships mobilized in an instant and heartily defeated the battleships. Yet despite the repel, ground forces did make it to Deep Space Nine and drove everyone back to Quarks. Once again the cavalry showed up and saved the day, defeating the enemy in moments.

After several hours of calm, a lone Klingon war hero beamed into Earth Space Dock and shouted “DJ! I will murder you!” and made several attempts to kill DJ Kinneas. Unable to speak, Klingon and in an effort of diplomacy, DJ Kinneas took no hostile actions in return and attempted to give the “live long and prosper” and “Bloodwine toast” gestures to his attacker. Thanks to the efforts of those gathered the Klingon was killed several times. It was later discovered the attacker was a hologram.

Attacks on Drozana and Undine on Risa:

The remainder of the weekend was rather quite with a minor attack on Drozana.

Most surprising was the Undine appearing all over the planet Risa. Within moments large scale battles were raging across the pleasure planet surface. Despite all efforts to oust the Undine from Risa, it could not be done. This reporter is of the belief that the Undine WERE there to party after all and that the Federation should not have shot first.

“This was only a test”

This was just a prelude to the events that will be rolling out this summer. Attacks may be coming on the hour every hour and from anyplace. The need to stay connected to during the time of invasion, to report in and to get up to the moment attack reports may mean the survival of the UFP and Kling empires.

What an amazing weekend. This is what Star Trek Online and is all about.

For more information on the coming invasion on Star Trek Online, please go to www.startrekonline.comUndine invasion on Risa - Tribble Test Weekend!

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by Risa Suraya