Thanks for your support! Ventrillo Server!

We have had some amazing support in the last few days in terms of fundraising – we setup a new fundraising system to help us raise $175 to cover our basic costs for the month of August and in just 4 short days, we have raised $170 out of the $175 target we set!

This type of support is just amazing and serves to reinforce our enthusiasm for doing what we do – we must really be doing something that you all love – so thank you so much!

As further donations are recieved over our target, we will use some of the additional funds to expand the infrastructure at STO-Radio – in the next couple of days, we are increasing our listener cap which is currently set at 100 simultaniuos listeners – on August 17th – we actually hit that 100 simultanious listener cap, so since then, we have been scrambling to get it upgraded – we are adding an extra 50 slots in the next 48 hours and keeping some money to on the side to raise it further if needed!


We have now setup an official Ventrillo server for STO-Radio – the details are as follows:


Its a basic 25 slot server, however if it proves to be popular, we will upgrade it as needed!

And in case you didn’t notice – we have now also setup a USA based Voicemail where those of you who wish to, can call in and leave us a voicemail with your comments or thoughts about STO-Radio, Star Trek Online, or Star Trek in general and we will play those comments on air!

The number for the voice mail is (347) 321-8955


From the entire team here at – thank you so much for your ongoing love and support for STO-Radio

Live Long and Prosper, Peace and Long Life, Aloha, Cheers!

by Trek Radio Staff