Star Trek celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day!

First things first, just a quick notice to say that our SCHEDULED DOWNTIME is now completed and things are now running from our shiney new server!

About fifteen years ago, Ol’Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy pronounced September 19th the official Talk Like A Pirate Day. In honor of this tradition provides you with ten top suggestions on how to celebrate in Staarrr Trek style!
  1. Describe all items in the C-Store as precious booty.
  2. Take an Orion Pirate to work today.
  3. Say Arrgh, Cap’n! instead of Aye, Captain!
  4. Make sure yer poopdeck is always clean.
  5. Ask the Borg Queen if any one of her many drones assimilated some rum.
  6. Jean Luc’s name is now pronounced Picarrrrrrd.
  7. Begin PVP matches with Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs!
  8. Refer to the Borg as ye old Baarrrg.
  9. Join us on the holodeck for a performance of Pirates of Penzance.
  10. Ask Holo-Leeta if she’ll Shiver Me Timbers.

Hoist the mizzen and plot yer course to the Pirate Name Generator just like our very own Cap’n Cornelius Bone (aka Kinneas) and Sally the Siren (DJ Risa). Be sure to post your suggestions for International Talk Like A Pirate Day in the community forums.

Yo, ho ho!

by Risa Suraya