Take it off. It’s National No Pants Day!

Contrary to popular opinion, Cohas’ birthday is not the only day to celebrate National No Pants Day.
You heard right…the first Friday in May is reserved to drop trou!

No Pants Day is a prank that that began in the mid 80s which some groups have made into an annual event. The prank is based on the premise of having people attend an event not wearing any pants (trousers). Participants are challenged to act as if there is nothing strange about not wearing pants in public. The liberation of breaking a social taboo and seeing the reaction of people not aware of the event generally makes the event fun for its participants.

Join us and other equally exposed revelers for a goofy good time or make a donation of gently used dress pants or cash (you’ll have to figure out where to stow your wallet). Leave your trousers at the door to celebrate National No Pants Day on Trek Radio and all around the universe.

by Risa Suraya