STO Radio Website Launches!

The new website for Star Trek Online Radio has been launched at with STO-Radio now officially in pre-launch.

Whilst in pre-launch, we will be running a rotating playlist as defined in our station schedule, which is very dynamic and covers a range of varing genres.

The pre-launch period will last for approximatly 10 days at which point STO-Radio will move into full launch status with a full lineup of live shows from our DJs.

As of today, STO Radio has recruited a total of 12 DJs and 2 managers as well as having setup affliliation deals with 6 popular Star Trek Online podcasts, which will ensure that our schedule will be one of the hottest in the Star Trek Online community!

As we move through the pre-launch period, please bare with us if there are any technical hitches or interruptions as we are tweaking settings and playlists.   In addition, our DJs have been given the ability to run “test” shows during the pre-launch period if they wish, though these will be unscheduled and of an unspecifed duration.

To celebrate this launch, our sister website, is running a competition giving you all the chance to win one of 8 signed Star Trek Online posters – check out for details!

This is an exciting time for and we all hope that you enjoy our pre-launch period as we move through the next 10 or so days!

Thanks to you all!

The STO Radio Team

by Trek Radio Staff