STLV 2014 Photos

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The 2014 Star Trek Las Vegas convention has come and gone; and while many of us are already planning for STLV 2015, we’d like to share some of our special memories and highlights from this year’s convention in the form of over a thousand exclusive photos taken by the Trek Radio team. From celebrities on stage, to fans in Star Trek costumes, and more, these images will always remind us of the great time we had at STLV 2014.

The full collection of our photos will be uploaded to our Flickr, and we will also share a selection of the photos to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We are grouping the photos into albums for each day of the convention, with a bonus gallery featuring images from Geek Nation ToursHollywood to Vegas: Exploring Trek Sites tour taken by our very own Miss Risa.

Keep checking this page as we will be uploading additional galleries in the coming days.

Click on the gallery title to view our full STLV Photo Galleries on Flickr.

Geek Nation Tours
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Day 1 – Thur Jul 31
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Day 2 – Fri Aug 1 (Coming Soon!)

Day 3 – Sat Aug 2 (Coming Soon!)

Day 4 – Sun Aug 3 (Coming Soon!)

In addition to these photos, we will also upload our videos from STLV once they are edited and ready to publish. Stay tuned to Trek Radio and keep checking the website for more convention coverage.

by Deyvid