Star Trek Online Podcasters Summit – Tomorrow!

Trek Radio is proud to be hosting the inaugural Star Trek Online Podcasters summit tomorrow on Sunday, 17th April 2011 at 3pm Pacific Time (6pm Eastern Time).   The summit is slated to last at least two hours but may last as long as four!

Taking part in this first inaugural summit are hosts from some of the most popular Star Trek Online podcasts on the internet: Red Shirt Army, STOked, Priority One, Podcast UGC and Hailing Frequency. In addition, several developers from Cryptic Studios have signed up to join in on the summit, so we are quite certain that our podcasters will be drilling them for all kinds of secrets!

In this huge event, the hosts from all of these podcasts will gather to discuss all things related to Star Trek Online.  Its a great oppurtunity to listen to all of your favorite podcasters in one place, so do not miss out on this unprecedented gathering of Star Trek Online Podcasters!

Be sure to tune in at 3pm Pacific Time (6pm Eastern Time) tomorrow on Sunday 17th April.

by Trek Radio Staff