Sponsorship Opportunities for FedCon

A couple of weeks ago, we announced four advertising spots available on our FedCon flyers later this year, and the response we recieved we huge – all 4 spots sold out within just over a week, and we still have folks enquiring about additional oppurtunities, so we have created several additional opportunities for advertising with Trek Radio at FedCon.   If you are interested in any of these oppurtunities, please contact right away!

Here are the oppurtunities on offer:

Sponsor our Audio Broadcasts – Trek Radio will be conducting several interviews from FedCon and making several audio broadcasts per day with updates from FedCon.  In addition, all DJs on air during FedCon will be providing coverage of the event on air, reporting on tweets from the event, facebook status updates, and more.   We are providing you with the oppurtunity to become a sponsor for Trek Radio’s audio coverage for the duration of the event.   This means that before, during or after any related FedCon broadcasts, you, your group or your company will be mentioned (for example….”Now we come to you with coverage from FedCon, sponsored by [your group] – you can visit them at [your website].     The cost for being a sponsor either before, during or after our audio broadcasts for the duration of FedCon is €100 euros (aprx $140).   We have 3 spots available for this, before, during and after – please let us know which you’d like when ordering!

Sponsor our Video! –  In addition to our audio broadcasts, Trek Radio will also be releasing a tonne of video from the FedCon convention, interviews with celebrities, interviews with attending Trek Fans, footage from around the convention, footage of the special attending guests and their “sets” and much much more.    We expect to release this video footage throughout the convention and for at least a week after.   We are offering the oppurtunity for you to sponsor our video coverage from FedCon, which means your logo and web address will be watermarked on the video.   There is only one video sponsor slot available and the cost for sponsoring our video broadcasts for the duration of FedCon will be €250 euros (aprx $350).

Place your sticker on our microphones – like any media organization, we have branded microphones similar to the one you can see to the right.   If you’d like to send us your sticker to place on one side of our microphones, you can do this for just €50 euros (aprx $70).  It will be visible in any video footage that features the microphone being used to interview someone.  Only ONE spot is available for this!

Merchandise – if you would like to produce some t-shirts, or pens, or other merchandize for your organization, and arrange to have them shipped to us at our hotel, we would be more than happy to hand then out for you during the convention.  If you are interested in this, please contact us to let us know what you’d like to send us to hand out, and we will let you know if we can do that or not and at what cost.

If you are interested in any of these oppurtunities, please contact right away!

by Trek Radio Staff