Shatner’s DIY Project

William Shatner returns to television this October with a continuing mission to remodel his home.

Debuting October 23 at 10pm (9c) on the DIY Network, The Shatner Project is a new series, consisting of six 30-minute episodes, in which William and Elizabeth Shatner embark on the mission of remodeling and renovating their house.

“I bought this house when I finished Star Trek. I jogged by it every day and thought it was beautiful,” said Shatner. “One hundred years ago, the original home was a one-room hunting lodge. Over the decades, it was expanded into a family home and then I bought it in the 1970s.”

Bill and Elizabeth ShatnerFrom design, to demolition, rebuilding and decorating, William Shatner will go boldly into this new adventure. The premiere episode features the Shatners wielding sledgehammers to demolish the old cabinets, countertops and tile backsplashes, gutting the kitchen for a complete remodel. During the series, the couple renovates their 1970s-style California home, including the front patio area in order to create the perfect place for big family parties, as well as Shatner’s favorite hangout spot, the media room.

According to Variety, Shatner said the show is about “the feelings one goes through when allowing massive work to be done on one’s home.” “The importance of your home cannot be overstated,” he said. “I mean, it is your castle, but it is also your sanctuary – and especially with people who are in the public eye. This is like a dramatic show with a revelation at the end,” he said, adding, “There’s conflict and there’s tension, and characters evolve.”

Visit the show’s official website to watch highlight videos and view photos. Tweet along with the show using the hashtag #ShatnerProject.

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by Deyvid