Scheduled Downtime, New Podcasts / DJs & more!

Some of you may have noticed that our media stream has been having some problems this week, our server crashed two times, the first of which was caused by a motherboard failure a few days ago and the other one this morning was related to a processor hiccup.

In order to resolve this series of problems, we are migrating to a brand new server on Saturday morning, we will be down between 7am and 2pm GMT at the very most – if everything goes smoothly, we should be down for significantly less time.


STO:Kast has joined the STO-Radio team and their podcast will be syndicated two times per week.  Be sure to check the schedule tomorrow for times.  The Neutral Zone has unfortunatly recently been cancelled, however a new podcast, Priority One, has launched in its place and we are hoping to add that to our schedule soon!


Several new DJs have joined our team this month, including Hick, Rudy, Ryan and Bridget & Will!  All of these new DJs will be starting broadcasts this week, so be sure to look out for them on the schedule!


Next Thursday, 23rd September at 2pm PST (5pm EST / 10pm GMT) we will be premiering our recent interview with Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ.  It is a fairly short interview, however it has some good news and information covered in it, so be sure to tune in with Zach and Kinneas at 2pm PST on the 23rd September to hear the interview!

We are also happy to reveal at this stage that we are in contact with several other Star Trek Celebrities either directly or via their agents, including George Takei, Kate Mulgrew, William Shatner, Jeffrey Combs and many more and we are currently working with their schedules to get interviews scheduled.

As and when these interviews are scheduled, we will post forum threads giving YOU the oppurtunity to submit your questions for these celebrities and in the meantime, we just wanted to update you on some of the things we have planned!.

by Trek Radio Staff