Rick Sternbach on Star Trek Radio – submit your questions!

Rick Sternbach has been a space and science fiction artist since the early 1970s, often combining both interests in a project. He is best known for his space illustrations and his work on the Star Trek television series.

Rick has had a long involvement with Star Trek – he worked as an illustrator on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and later worked with Andrew Probert on the creation of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He helped define the look of the 24th century that would be used throughout The Next Generation and the series that followed it, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.

During his time working in Star Trek, he was responsible for designing iconic items such as Phasers, the Tricorder, Combadge and PADD devices and in addition, he was responsible for designing the federation Intrepid Class, the Nova Class and the Dauntless from Voyager along with the Cardassian Galor Class and Klingon Vorcha and Neghvar.  His contributions to Star Trek are known far and wide and he even worked on the highly detailed Star Trek Technical Manuals.

You can submit questions for Mr. Sternbach to and be sure to tune in on Saturday 20th at 11am PST (2pm EST / 7pm GMT) for what is sure to be a great interview!

by Risa Suraya