Night of the Living Trekkies to Invade Star Trek Radio

Night of the Living Trekkies (NLT) is set to invade Star Trek Radio on Saturday, October 30th at 12pm (midday) PST, so its time to dig out your old zombie protection and decapitation gear or face the consequences!

NLT author Kevin Anderson will be joining us for a bumper interview to discuss his hit book which trekkies every where are saying should be made into the next Star Trek Movie – perhaps its not the best candidate for the next movie, but we here at STO-Radio feel that this is a great book and we are very happy to have the master zombie himself joining us for an interview!

If you have a question for Mr Anderson, you can e-mail it to or post it in the comments section for this news article!

The deadline for sending in your questions is Friday 22nd October 2010, so if you have a question, be sure to get it in as soon as you can and tune in for the interview on Saturday, October 30th at 12pm (midday) PST

by Trek Radio Staff